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Why do we offer carpet, upholstery, and rug protector? (a.k.a. Stain Guard, Scotch Guard)

You have probably heard the terms Scotch Guard, Stain Guard, Protector, or MicroSeal before... but what exactly do these products do? First of all; not all carpets and rugs are created equal! There are several different fiber types that rugs and carpets are constructed with, and they all behave differently when it comes to stain resistance and cleaning. To put it simply, most synthetic carpet (especially nylon) comes with a form of stain guard from the mill it is produced in. That protector is applied to the fibers and baked on. However, after 2-4 years of traffic wear and cleaning, etc, the stain guard coating wears off and does not offer the same protection as when it was new. Wool and other natural fibers, on the other hand, generally do not come with any sort of added protection! That means you have a textile, whether it is carpet, upholstery, or a rug that has no protection against spills, spots, food, or pets! This is where Cleanville comes in to protect your investments! We offer fiber stain guard application on just about any type of textile you have - wall to wall carpet, oriental & area rugs, upholstery, and more. We have several different stain guard products available to use, depending on the fiber it is going on. One MAJOR benefit of the product we use is that it contains what is called acid-dye blockers. Why do you need acid-dye blockers? Well, almost every substance that is going to permanently stain your textiles is acidic! Drinks, pet urine, vomit, and many other harmful substances are acids that easily and permanently dye your vulnerable fibers. The acid-dye blockers in the protector we use fill empty dye sites [...]

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Rug Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

Hello friends! Today I want to talk about the rug cleaning market in SLC. A quick Google search will yield a list of results that shows a number of different carpet cleaning companies that say they can "clean" your area and oriental rugs. There are also a couple of rug retail stores that offer rug cleaning as a service as well. And, of course, you will see Cleanville Rug Care on the list! So what should you look for when choosing a company to professionally clean your expensive textiles? 1. *** Make sure they are not going to clean your hand knotted/wool/silk/viscose/etc... rugs with their HOT WATER truck mounted carpet cleaning system!!! 2. Do they know the differences between rug types, fiber types, and how to clean them respectively? 3. Do they have a submersion wash setup for doing a thorough cleaning on your heavily soiled rugs? 4. Do they have the proper and adequate insurance? 5. Can they pickup and deliver your rugs? 6. Do they offer a fiber protector application after cleaning? 7. Will they let you watch the rug cleaning process or see the cleaning area? 8. Do they stay current on all the latest cleaning methods and tools in the industry? 9. Do they have reviews and testimonials to back up their claims?? Those are just some of the concerns you should have when you are shopping for a rug cleaning professional in your area. We get asked a lot of these questions every day and want to make sure the public is informed on the rug cleaning process and why you shouldn't have an average carpet cleaning company clean your valuable investments. Rug cleaning is not an easy task and [...]

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Unrivaled Customer Service!

What is the difference between good customer service and great customer service? There is no quick or simple answer. It takes years of learning what gets customer satisfaction ratings to be the highest possible and keeps those clients coming back. However, there are a few things we do at Cleanville carpet, rug, and stone care that have been proven to get us 5 star Google reviews and the most loyal clients in the business! One of the most important things we do is communicate with our clients before, during, and after the service we provide. This includes: - taking the original call and getting all the relevant details of the client's concerns - giving the clients a reminder call a day or two before their appointment - calling clients 30 minutes ahead of the appointment to let them know when to expect us - explaining our process and how to care for your carpet after we clean it at the time of service - a follow up call the day after the service to make sure our service met and exceeded the client's expectations - reminder emails after one year since the date of cleaning to help our clients remember our services may be needed again Besides communication very thoroughly with our clients, we strive for providing the best cleaning service experience in our industry. We have invested a ton of time and money into making sure our technicians are highly trained, have the best equipment available, and are prepared to provide solutions for our client's unique problems. If our technicians do not know an answer to a problem, they will consult with one of our Master Textile Cleaner certified managers to come up with [...]

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What To Do When You Have A Flood?

You just got home from a dinner at your favorite restaurant and you walk down to the basement to do some laundry... Much to your surprise, you step into an inch of water when you reach the bottom of the stairs! So what is the first thing you should do? Depending on the situation, the first thing to find is the source of the water. Some common ones include, but are not limited to: toilet backups, hot water heater leaks, corroded pipes, burst hose bibs, window well leaks, cracks in the foundation, floor drain backups, and loose connections on a washing machine. Once you find the water source, you need to try to stop the leak if possible. That may require turning off the water main valve inside your home, or the one outside in the ground by the street. Sometimes it is necessary to call your city water municipality's emergency number to get them to shut it off. Your next step is to assess the damage done by the water loss and decide how to get it remediated. In the state of Utah, the homeowner has the choice of who they call to do their flood cleanup. It is not up to the insurance company. However, it is a good idea to contact your insurance representative ASAP to find out what your policy covers. We would also highly recommend taking pictures of everything affected by the water loss, including your personal items and damage to the home. So the next question is when do you need professional help? Not all water losses require calling a restoration company. For a small fresh water leak, a homeowner can sometimes get the carpet and pad dried themselves [...]

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Cleanville’s Expert Services

Back in 1995, when Cleanville opened its doors for business, our focus was on carpet cleaning. Since then, we have expanded into nearly every area of commercial and residential cleaning.  These other services include Tile & Grout cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Natural Stone Cleaning, Natural Stone Polishing, Flood Damage Restoration, Pet Urine Decontamination, Oriental & Area Rug cleaning, Wood Floor cleaning, VCT Floor Waxing and Stripping, Concrete Floor cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Protection, Stone & Grout Sealing, and others! All of these services can be performed from Provo, UT to Ogden, UT and out to Park City, UT and the surrounding areas. We have been serving the Wasatch front for over 20 YEARS! How is Cleanville able to provide all of these services? It starts with our extremely capable and versatile AeroTech XT trucks. We are able to use a number of attachments that allow us to do low-pressure upholstery cleaning to high-pressure concrete cleaning with a single truck. The next reason is our highly-trained staff members. Our technicians are IICRC certified in a number of cleaning areas, while our managers are Master Certified Textile Cleaners. To become a true expert in a field, it requires experience and knowledge, as well as learning techniques that have been proven over many years.   Of all the services Cleanville offers, are they better at one than another? We are experts in all of the areas mentioned, but we considers our main areas of focus to be Carpet Cleaning, Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, and Stone Cleaning & Restoration. We are perfectionists and customer service is our highest concern. Unfortunately, there are too many companies in our industry that claim to be experts, but are really just start-ups with [...]

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Cleanville’s Gold Certified Equipment

Not all carpet cleaning systems are created equally. That is why Cleanville put countless hours of research into finding the right equipment to fit our goal of being the best carpet cleaning company in the Salt Lake City area. What we found, was a local company named Aero Tech mfg that produces truck mount carpet cleaning systems in North Salt Lake, UT. The cleaning system they manufacture is unparalleled in the industry in terms of vacuum power and water temperatures. In fact, it is so good that it received a GOLD seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute, whom is the organization that determines the standards of performance in our industry. The CRI rates cleaning systems on the amount of soil removing capability, with GOLD being up to 90% of soil removed. There is not another cleaning system that can do better. The systems are equipped with dual wand capability, a rinse tank for neutralizing rinse, and they run off eco-friendly diesel engines. The reliability of the systems are also incredible, which means fewer break downs or missed appointments! So what does this mean to you; the consumer?... The MOST soil removal possible, the FASTEST drying times, and the HIGHEST level of sanitation for you and your family. While other companies can claim this, they do not have equipment capable of removing as much soil, or drying the carpet as fast. Imagine having your carpets dry in hours, not DAYS!   To experience the ultimate level of carpet, rug, upholstery, tile & grout, or stone cleaning, CALL CLEANVILLE today!

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Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning in Park City

Do you have an oriental rug or area rug in Park City or the surrounding areas that needs cleaning? Look no further! Cleanville Rug Care is the local expert on area & oriental rug washing and have a pickup and delivery service for Park City residents! Even though our office is located in Salt Lake City, UT... we can still take care of your rug cleaning needs. Our technicians are in Park City at least once a week and we will gladly pick up rugs or other delicate textiles from clients in the Park City area. We can handle oversize rugs with our large box-style trucks and we can also fold rugs instead of rolling them to make them ready for transportation. Of course, our clients can also drop off their valuable rugs at our office Monday-Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Special appointments can be made for clients that need to drop off rugs before or after those hours. The drop off process is quick and easy! We unload the client's rug for them and do an initial inspection with them there. A quick information sheet needs to be filled out by the client and they can be on their way! The types of rugs we can clean include many different fibers, such as: wool, silk, synthetics, vicose, rayon, linen, cotton, jute, sisal, and others. The rug construction types we can can clean include: hand knotted, hand woven, tribal blankets, tapestries, needle points, machine woven, machine tufted, hand tufted, prayer rugs, animal skins, leather, and many others! Our cleaning methods are proven with many years of experience and are recommended by experts across the world! Call or stop by Cleanville today and experience The Cleanville [...]

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Giving Back to the Community

At Cleanville, we care about the community we live and work in, including the people and animals that live in the Salt Lake City area. As a member of the community for over 20 years, we try to return the love that we have received over the past two decades by giving back to local organizations. For 2016, we made a donation to  The Best Friends Animal Society of Utah and have partnered with The Humane Society of Utah as a corporate sponsor. We were able to donate 10 % of the profits from the month of March to the Humane Society of Utah. Each donation to the Humane SOciety of Utah helps them achieve their goal of being a no-kill animal shelter, and last year they achieved that status by having their first no-kill year for cats and dogs! We are honored to be able to contribute to such a successful and meaningful cause that is right in our backyard. For the past few years, Cleanville has also been donating to the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, which is another local organization that helps pets find homes. The goal of the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah is also to be a no-kill organization, and they rely on donations to help make that possible. So why hire to Cleanville for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, stone cleaning, VCT cleaning and refinishing, or any of our other services? Because we CARE! Your money is not only going towards helping us grow and become a better company, but it is also being put towards great organizations around the area! Visit our website to see some of the other great organizations we are partnered [...]

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The Dangers of Spot Cleaning Wool Rugs

DIY cleaning can be a cost-effective and time-saving way to remove spots from your wool or other fine fiber rugs. However, it can be dangerous if the wrong cleaning solutions or techniques are used! Here are a few steps to follow when you decide to try removing your own spots: FIRST AND FOREMOST: do not use any products that are not meant for wool fibers! These include: OXYCLEAN, Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Resolve, Spot Shot, and a long list of others... Remove all residue on the spot - if there is any residual food or liquid left on the rug, try to remove it without rubbing it in further. A spatula is a good tool for food stuffs, or a clean towel for liquids. Blot the spots with a clean towel lightly dampened with water. Water is a great solvent that can loosen many common spots. However, it should not be used on silk or artificial silk rugs. If water does not remove the spot, keep it damp and call the rug cleaning experts at Cleanville! The image shown is what happens when harmful cleaning agents are used to spot clean at home. The client used bleach and OxyClean on her wool rug and the result was color loss in those areas. Wool is a very sensitive fiber to oxidizers such as bleach, OxyClean, and hydrogen peroxide and they will most certainly cause damage to the fibers and remove color. Any other questions can be answered at Our Rug Cleaning Service Page !

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5 Things Happy Guys Do

Everybody wants to be happy, but one has to know that being happy is the fruit of our actions and self-love and that some activities are the cause of happiness while others come to those who are happy. Bearing that in mind, we’re going to go over just how happy people act, and if you’re overall a happy person you may identify with these actions. If you aren’t, well I’m sure you’ll start noticing some patterns on those who are, having these items in mind. Bonus: If you aren’t happy, then doing these actions may get you there sooner than expected! Happy People Don’t Hold Grudges! Those who are happy are always ready to forgive and let things go… this makes it so that they hold less negative feelings inside – and we all know these negative feelings can cause a lot of depression or unhappiness if left unattended. Don’t let people who cross you get control over what you feel and just be superior, accepting that everybody makes mistakes. If that person crossed you on purpose, simply decide whether they are worth another chance or if they are best left avoided – just don’t keep them around while holding a grudge. Happy Guys are Positive and Kind: People who are kind and gentle are proven, scientifically, to be happier than others, and being selfless is a behavior that gets your body to produce a hormone known as serotonin. This hormone is responsible for making you happy, relaxed and positive. As a bonus, people will like you a lot more, and you’re bound to bond with people positively. Happy Guys don’t write posts like this: “I will tell the story of my son Antoine, who [...]

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