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About Riverton, Utah

When you want a prime location in which to live, work and relax, you can’t get better than Riverton, Utah. With steady access to the Mountain View Corridor as well as the I-15, Riverton is a city that is able to boast. The scenery alone is stunning, with endless skies and green spaces to die for. Riverton has over 30 community parks, a golf complex (tee off at sunrise, anyone?) and a wide variety of recreational programs. In Riverton, you’re in an area that is primed for fun and ready for anyone.

It’s one of the fastest growing areas in the US, and there are so many opportunities for locals and visitors alike to have fun, kick back and appreciate the culture of service here. There are Town Days celebrations to enjoy every year, concerts that take place in the park and a ton of restaurants to suit all tastes. The kids will love the fact that all the parks are packed with wildlife and play equipment, making life that little bit sweeter and giving them time to relax.

Riverton has a great view of the mountains from West to East, and this may be a city with a population of over 40,000, but Riverton has that small town feel that everyone loves to find. The food is great, the people are nicer than most cities and there are tons of transport links out to the nearest ski resorts in Alta and Salt Lake. There are a number of major retail stores around, so savvy shoppers will always have somewhere fun to whet their spending bug. Families will love the plethora of activities for the kids to do and it’s a city where business is booming. You can’t go wrong with a visit to Riverton.

About Cleanville Carpet Care

We may not aim to be the best certified carpet cleaners in the Utah area, but that’s okay, because we don’t pretend to. Instead, we already know that we are the premiere carpet cleaning company in the area, providing our clients with outstanding rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services. There’s no need to aim to be the best when we know that our clients already agree we are.

Carpet cleaning is a craft, one that at Cleanville Carpet Care, we take very seriously. We constantly train our carpet cleaners in the newest and most tech-savvy techniques so that our clients receive the best service possible with every cleaning. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer a service with genuine estimates. We won’t always be the cheapest around, but our satisfaction guarantee and our customer support is going to be worth every cent – and our clients agree. With our incredible customer service, top of the line cleaning equipment and our highly trained technicians on staff, we can guarantee our customers satisfaction every single time.

Not sure? Well, why don’t you give us a call today and we will come and give you a comprehensive quote. Meet us, and you’ll know that you made the right choice for your carpet cleaning needs.