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About Taylorsville, Utah

Taylorsville was incorporated as a city in 1996 and it was done so through the vision of the citizens who believed that they could provide a great community with excellent economic development. Well, they weren’t wrong! While still a baby at 22 years old, Taylorsville is one of Utah’s newest cities. Taylorsville is made up of three distinctive communities: Taylorsville, Bennion and Kearns. There is still a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s and a part of that is still the mountain trails in easy reach of Taylorsville City. When you want scenic, you want to head to the Bonneville Shoreline trail, which covers the view of the entirety of the Salt Lake Valley. Breathtaking doesn’t quite cover it! The keen cyclist and hikers out there will love the Bonneville Shoreline, so gear up and get ready.

Whether you want National Parks, ski resorts or golf courses, Taylorsville has something for you. The city experiences four very vivid, beautiful seasons that make any local or visitor feel in touch with the nature around them. It also makes for a very fruitful fishing season on the water. Trout fishing is big in Taylorsville, and the high mountain lakes and streams are perfect for it.

There is easy access to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Wheeler Historic Farm and the Salt Lake Art Center. Families will always have something to do in Taylorsville, and with stunning restaurants everywhere, there is always somewhere to enjoy a meal together. The Meadowbrook Plaza Shopping Center and the Plaza 5400 Shopping Center aren’t the only shopping havens out there, either. There’s also The Carriage Square Shopping Center to visit. If you want something a little different, The Raging Waters and Utah’s Hogle Zoo are popular!

About Cleanville Carpet Care

We at Cleanville Carpet Care know that we are far superior to the competition. Our certified carpet cleaners are trained to stay up to date with the newest and most technical cleaning techniques for oriental rug cleaning and rug cleaning. Our carpet cleaners are strictly checked, undergoing background checks and ongoing drug testing. We do this so that you can be assured that you are getting a professional service every single time.

Our Aero Tech XT equipment is gold level certified, and we know that we offer the best carpet cleaning equipment in the industry. Our clients come first every time, and we are proud to serve Salt Lake City, Park City and the Wasatch Front Communities. We always have an offer going for new customers, so check out our website for what we have on at the moment. At Cleanville Carpet Care, our mission is to deliver the most outstanding experience in service in our industry, and we know that we deliver that service.

We don’t spare any expense when it comes to training our technicians, and we know that you’ll tell straight away when you bring us in to get your carpet cleaning sorted. We do a deeper, faster clean that results in optimal service and less inconvenience to you.