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A question we get asked regularly is “Should I have a pad under my rug?”

In general, yes you should have a pad under your rug. However, there are a lot of options! Let’s dive into the world of rug pad, or “underlay”, and help you decide what is right for you and your rugs!

When do you need a rug pad?

Whenever your rug, be it tufted, hand knotted, flat woven, or machine made, is going on a hard surface – you should use a pad. There is a BIG safety concern with the rug sliding around on a hard surface. Also, the rug will last much longer if it is not being wrinkled up and worn out from sliding around on the floor. Lastly, there is  a cushion provided by the pad when heavy furniture is placed on the rug, which can stress backing fibers and cause damage.

Should you use a rug pad when the rug is going over carpet? Absolutely! There are rug made specifically for that application and they keep the rug from moving around and becoming wrinkled. Wrinkles = trip hazards and premature wear!

So… which rug pad?

Not all rug pads are created equal. That waffle foam stuff you buy at any home store…? DO NOT USE! That will cause more damage than good and we highly recommend staying away from it. If that pad is used on concrete, stone, or hardwood floors, it will eventually bond to the floor and cause a headache of refinishing your fine flooring surface. I repeat: DO NOT USE.

So now that we got that covered, what are some professional grade options for you?

We carry and highly recommend the products made by No Muv. They have options for runners, large rugs, and everything in between! We can recommend the right pad for your needs and get it custom cut for you within a few days. There are options for rugs over carpet, hard surfaces, and thick or thin profiles. Please give us a call to find out pricing and our recommendations. We will be happy to clean your oriental and area rugs before we get the new pad for you too!

Thanks for stopping by!