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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of rugs do we clean?

We can clean all kinds from all over the world!

Our professional rug shop can clean wool rugs, silk rugs, jute & sisal rugs, cotton rugs, viscose & rayon rugs, synthetic rugs, and more! We can clean the many different construction types, including: hand knotted, flat weaves, hand woven, machine woven, machine knotted, hand tufted, machine tufted, shag rugs, animal skins, leather rugs, flokati rugs, tapestries, embroidered, needlepoint, and many more!

Call or drop by for custom pricing.

How much will it cost?

Call for your custom pricing.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer depends on numerous factors, but can be summarized by saying 2-12 hours on average.

At Cleanville, we use the most advanced carpet cleaning systems available. Our truck-mounted systems can get carpet drier than just about any other system on the market, which is because of the extremely powerful vacuum blower and our carpet cleaning technique – which uses a double “dry pass” to remove the more moisture than a single dry pass. Beyond our equipment, drying times are affected by different carpet fibers drying at different speeds, the atmospheric conditions outside, interior air flow and temperature, and the amount of cleaning needed to remove different levels of soiling

What is the best method for cleaning my carpet?

There are several different methods of carpet cleaning available. Luckily, at Cleanville we offer a variety of custom-tailored cleaning methods for the numerous different types of carpets and situations. For most residential cleaning, we recommend truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning for the best deep cleaning. We can also do low-moisture encapsulation cleaning for special circumstances when the fastest dry time is needed or for tight budgets. For commercial carpet, we usually recommend truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning with our rotary RX-20 tool for maximum heavy soiling removal.

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