About Cleanville

Believe it or not, At Cleanville, our mission isn’t to be the best certified carpet cleaners in the Utah. Though we are the premiere carpet cleaning company in the area, our mission is to provide our clients with the most outstanding service experience possible.

How do we achieve it?

  • Incredible customer service
  • Top-of-the-line carpet cleaning equipment
  • Highly-trained, certified technicians
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
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Dedication to Training

We’re founded on the belief that carpet cleaning and care is a craft, and that our employees can always become better at mastering it. Our carpet cleaners are constantly being trained in new and advanced techniques to better serve our customers’ needs.

Customer Safety & Security

Opening your home or business to a stranger is always a cause for concern, and therefore maintaining your safety and security is a top priority. In addition to advanced training on our carpet cleaning equipment and techniques, Cleanville technicians undergo a much stricter screening process than our competitors. Our hiring and certification processes include mandatory background checks and ongoing drug testing.

Quality Pricing

Many companies advertise special rates and low prices to initiate a service, only to have them double or triple once the job is done. At Cleanville we pride ourselves on providing genuine estimates and delivering only the services agreed upon. Our rates are not the cheapest you may find, but our services, customer support and satisfaction guarantee are well worth the investment.

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