Fabric & Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Protect your investment with our Fine Fabric Protector

Whether your furniture is brand new or was just professionally cleaned, we recommend an application of our proven protectant, Maxim Fine Fabric, to help repel soils, body oils, and food and drink spills to add years to the life of your furniture.

We don’t just clean. We protect.

The only part of your home that gets as much wear and tear as your flooring is the furniture. Extend the life and restore the beauty of your favorite leather and fabric pieces with routine upholstery cleaning from Cleanville.  Performed by our certified upholstery cleaners, each service provides a detailed deep-fiber clean to address stains and everyday debris, yet will not damage fine fabrics. Safe for pets and children.

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Simple stains on stain-resistant fabrics can often be addressed with an effective upholstery cleaning home remedy. Not sure if your stain needs professional treatment? Send us a photo with a quick description of the stain and fabric. We may just have a recommendation.

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