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Your rugs are some of your most prized possessions!

In order to keep them looking and feeling the best they can be, here are a few rug care tips from the Utah rug cleaning experts at Cleanville!

We will cover:

  • Dry soil removal
  • Spot removal
  • Wearing evenly
  • Preventing moth and beetle damage
  • Avoiding UV fading
  • Rugs and pets

How to remove dry soils and everyday contaminants:

The most important part of rug care (and carpet care) is dry soil removal on a consistent basis. This can be done many ways! The most popular method is vacuuming, which helps remove sand, soil, pet hair, and air pollutants. We recommend a vacuum that has a gentle brush and is adjusted to the proper height. Aggressive brushes will prematurely wear your rug fiber and cause damage. For shaggy rugs, use a vacuum that you can turn the beater bar off, or a suction only canister type vacuum. Vacuum as often as needed according to your foot traffic and environment. Smaller rugs should be shaken out monthly if possible.

Removing spots:

Spots can be an eyesore on an otherwise perfect rug! Depending on what the source is, here are a few simple techniques you can try for removing a spot. First, remove excess of whatever caused the spot. This can be done with a spatula, or a vacuum if it is dry. If it is a liquid, it is best to start removing it as soon as it happens! Use a towel or spot extraction machine if you have one. Absorb everything you can with the clean towel and then assess the spot. If there is color left behind from the contaminant, you can try wetting another clean towel with cold water and blotting it out. DO NOT use store bought spot removers on your fine rugs! They are too strong for fine fibers. If the spot persists, call Cleanville!

Making sure your rug wears evenly:

A rug can be prone to traffic wear, just like the carpet in your home. However, a rug can be rotated, or flipped to prevent such damage. We recommend rotating your rug 180 degrees as soon as you see a walking pattern developing or every 3 months. This will prolong the life of your rug tremendously!

Preventing moths and beetles from damaging your wool rugs:

Since wool is a natural fiber, moths and carpet beetles love feasting on the fibers of your fine rugs. For this to happen, the insects need the conditions to be right… The first thing they need is darkness. The most common area for moth and beetle damage is under furniture. The other condition they need is not being disturbed. An easy way to prevent insects from destroying your rugs is vacuuming regularly, moving furniture arrangements, and rotating the rugs often. Always check for damage when moving furniture. Call Cleanville if you find you have an infestation.

Avoiding UV damage to your rug’s brilliant colors:

Although sun feels great to humans, it is not so pleasant for many types of fibers. Direct sunlight contains harsh UV rays that can burn and fade the fibers of your rugs. The best way to avoid this is placing your rugs out of the path of sunlight coming in from your windows. If this is not possible, we recommend using window tint or blinds during sunny times of the day. Sunlight is not so harmful if you just limit the amount of time rugs get direct exposure. As always, rotating your rugs and furniture will help minimize uneven damage.

Your pets Vs. your rugs:

There is a constant war in your home when you have pets. It is their mission to destroy the nicest things! (Just kidding, but really…) How can you protect your rugs from pets? Since wool smells like another animal is in the home, dogs and cats will want to mark it. The best defense is a strong offense on this one. Watch your pets closely around new rugs. Catch them in the act if possible and deter them from marking your rugs if possible. They will also want to lay on them and possibly scratch them. Keep the pets out of the room if needed, or give them beds nearby to use instead. It is difficult to prevent all disasters, but luckily you can call Cleanville when disaster strikes!