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Leather furniture can be a great addition to any room… until it becomes neglected, dried up, and in need of some TLC!

As you may already may know, Cleanville Carpet, Rug, & Stone Care is Salt Lake City and the surrounding area’s highest rated upholstery cleaning service provider. We professionally clean all types of fabric and this includes leather as well. Leather upholstery needs to be maintained, just like carpet, tile & grout, and other household surfaces. Our friendly trained technicians will identify what type of leather you have, give you options for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting – then get to work!

The most common type of leather is called a “protected” leather. This is the shiny type that is designed to be very durable when maintained properly. Our leather cleaning kits are stocked with a mild leather cleaning solution that works really well on this type of leather. (Please note that some stains on leather are nearly impossible to completely remove, but we will do our very best to improve or remove them.) After the leather is cleaned, we can follow that with a leather conditioner that revitalizes and softens the leather, and finish with a leather protectant.

There is also a type of leather called NuBuck or suede. Although this kind of leather should generally not be wet-cleaned, we have special cleaning cloths that are designed to clean the rough finish of NuBuck by absorbing and agitating the fiber. The cloths are able to remove light soiling and food spills quite well, and the look and feel of the leather is much improved!

Last, but not least… Cleanville can clean and protect your automobile leather interiors too! Our fine leather care products and technicians can get your car, truck, or SUV seats looking like new again, while adding protectant to keep them looking that way. The products we use smell great too 🙂


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