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You just got home from a dinner at your favorite restaurant and you walk down to the basement to do some laundry… Much to your surprise, you step into an inch of water when you reach the bottom of the stairs!

So what is the first thing you should do?

Depending on the situation, the first thing to find is the source of the water. Some common ones include, but are not limited to: toilet backups, hot water heater leaks, corroded pipes, burst hose bibs, window well leaks, cracks in the foundation, floor drain backups, and loose connections on a washing machine.

Once you find the water source, you need to try to stop the leak if possible. That may require turning off the water main valve inside your home, or the one outside in the ground by the street. Sometimes it is necessary to call your city water municipality’s emergency number to get them to shut it off. Your next step is to assess the damage done by the water loss and decide how to get it remediated.

In the state of Utah, the homeowner has the choice of who they call to do their flood cleanup. It is not up to the insurance company. However, it is a good idea to contact your insurance representative ASAP to find out what your policy covers. We would also highly recommend taking pictures of everything affected by the water loss, including your personal items and damage to the home.

So the next question is when do you need professional help?

Not all water losses require calling a restoration company. For a small fresh water leak, a homeowner can sometimes get the carpet and pad dried themselves with an air mover and by pulling the carpet back. However, once the area is larger than a few square feet or the water is not from a fresh source, a professional should handle the remediation.

With over 20 years of experience, Cleanville is the clear choice for handling your water damage remediation and restoration needs! We have 24 hour emergency flood service available 7 days a week! We will get to your location promptly and get started right away on stopping the damage caused by the water loss. We have all of the drying and inspection equipment needed to get your issue resolved FAST! We work with your insurance company to get the work done and your life returned to normal as quickly as possible!

CALL 801-488-0088 if you should ever have the unfortunate event occur of a water loss!