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Today we will cover the scary topic of cleaning wool and why it really is not that scary (if you call Cleanville).

You have probably heard the nightmare stories of people ruining their very expensive wool carpets or rugs by cleaning them with DIY methods. While there are a lot of articles and videos online that try to make you believe that wool is un-cleanable and can shrink if you clean it, etc… We at Cleanville are CERTIFIED Wool Safe experts!

Why is being Wool Safe certified important when choosing a professional cleaning company to take care of your wool textiles?

  • We are highly educated in all matters of wool fiber cleaning
  • We pursue continued education and staying aware of industry trends
  • The ability to network with other top cleaners in the industry to solve unique issues when they arise
  • We have over 20 years experience with cleaning wool carpet and area rugs
  • We use products that are Wool Safe certified by an independent testing agency

So whether it is wall to wall carpet, or area rugs, Cleanville has you covered! Our staff is prepared to handle your high end wool fibers and help make them last as long as possible. We also offer stain guard protection that is Wool Safe certified! It is specially formulated for the unique characteristics of wool and will protect against stains from acid dyes (drinks, urine, vomit, etc) and dry soiling.

Call us today to ask any questions you might have and to schedule an appointment!