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Rug Cleaning

Cleanville’s 10 Steps to a Clean Rug: Part 2

By May 4, 2016No Comments

Welcome back to our two part series on cleaning and maintaining your rugs. If you have not read our first article in this series, Cleanville’s 10 Steps to a Clean Rug: Part 1, make sure you check out that page first. Here are the last 5 steps involved in our 10 step rug washing process.

6: Drying – Speed drying your rug helps minimize the risk of colors bleeding and gets the rugs ready to be picked up faster! We use a combination of heat and high speed air flow to get the moisture back out of your rugs.
7: Fringe Cleaning – Rugs often have fringes that are made of cotton and require additional attention when cleaning. We use specialized fringe cleaning products and techniques to get your rug’s fringes back to a beautiful white again.
8: Grooming – Rugs have a natural pile direction to them. We groom rugs when they are finished being cleaned to make sure the fibers are going the right direction and to help open the fibers for faster drying.
9: Fabric Protection – This is an optional, but HIGHLY recommended step in rug cleaning. Adding a protective application to the fibers helps makes the rugs more resistant to stains and soiling. It’s a inexpensive way to get more life out of your investment!
10: Post Inspection and Delivery – This is where we go over the rugs with a fine tooth comb and make sure they are Cleanville clean! Your rugs do not leave our shop until we are completely satisfied with the results.
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