Tips for Removing Pet Odor From Carpet

We love our pets, so we’re willing to bear the sometimes unfortunate parts of raising and house training them. One of these things is pet related odors that happen when your little animal friends do their business on your carpet. It can be stressful to deal with and you may wonder if your home will ever smell the same again. Here are some tips on how to spot clean your carpets yourself. 1. Attend to the Issue as Soon as You Notice it Animals tend to continue to do their business in the same spot, relying on smell to lead them to it. So if you leave the issue for too long, it will likely get worse. If you allow the problem to persist for too long, the carpet may be beyond repair- causing you to need to replace the carpet entirely. So don’t delay! Clean the carpet or get it cleaned as soon as you identify the problem.   2. Locate the Area That’s Causing the Odor Finding the area (or areas) in question that are causing the pet odor is an important first step to dealing with it. If you have light colored carpets, it probably won’t be difficult to locate the darkened spots where your pet has done his or her business. However, it’s not so easy with dark flooring. If you’re having trouble locating where the smell originates, a black light will help by illuminating areas that have been soiled.   3. Absorb Any Excess Moisture If the area is still wet, get an absorbent towel on it immediately and try to remove as much of the contamination as possible. If there is still a visible spot or odor, the area [...]