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Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips

By May 9, 2016No Comments

You know you should be keeping your carpets clean because it’s good for your family’s health and the look and feel of your home. But did you know that proper cleaning can make your carpet last longer? Here are some tips on proper carpet care to ensure that you get the most out of your carpet.


1. Vacuuming is Your First Line of Defense

Dirt can wreak havoc on the durability of your carpet. It gets under the fibers of your carpet, damages them, and causes them to lose their fullness. This makes it incredibly important to regularly and thoroughly vacuum your carpets. The amount of vacuuming your carpets need will be determined by the amount of traffic your carpets see- but it’s generally accepted that once a week is sufficient for most carpeted areas. Front halls and hallways will likely need to be cleaned more often.


2. Act Quickly On Stains

There are some stains that will never come out if they’re allowed to dry, and you may not always be able to identify which stains these are. Regardless, all stains are harder to deal with if allowed to sit. So when a stain happens, act quickly.


3. Approach Stains Carefully

Before you even touch the stain, make sure you test the cleaning agent you will be using on a small piece of carpet. Wait a few minutes after using the cleaning agent to check if there has been any discoloration, fading, or damage done to the carpet. If there is, try a different cleaning agent or call a professional carpet cleaner.


If the spot test turns out well, proceed to use the cleaning agent on the stain in question. When cleaning a stain, always clean from the outside in to avoid pushing the stain out into the carpet. Using a bristled brush and as little cleaning agent as possible, gently scrub the stain to work it out. Set out a fan to allow the area to dry as quickly as possible. If the stain persists, call a professional as soon as possible.


While there are things you can do to take care of your carpet at home, there’s only so much a homeowner can do without the right equipment. If your carpet needs a thorough cleaning, or if you ever have trouble getting a stain out, call a professional before proceeding too far. When you’re trying to get the most life out of your carpet, make sure you hire professional carpet cleaners who know what they’re doing and don’t cut corners. At Cleanville, we’re obsessed with bringing you the best in home flooring care and helping you preserve your carpet and stone. Contact us today and let us wow you with our fast and effective cleaning methods.

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