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At Cleanville, we care about the community we live and work in, including the people and animals that live in the Salt Lake City area.

As a member of the community for over 20 years, we try to return the love that we have received over the past two decades by giving back to local organizations. For 2016, we made a donation to  The Best Friends Animal Society of Utah and have partnered with The Humane Society of Utah as a corporate sponsor. We were able to donate 10 % of the profits from the month of March to the Humane Society of Utah. Each donation to the Humane SOciety of Utah helps them achieve their goal of being a no-kill animal shelter, and last year they achieved that status by having their first no-kill year for cats and dogs! We are honored to be able to contribute to such a successful and meaningful cause that is right in our backyard.

For the past few years, Cleanville has also been donating to the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, which is another local organization that helps pets find homes. The goal of the Best Friends Animal Society of Utah is also to be a no-kill organization, and they rely on donations to help make that possible.

So why hire to Cleanville for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, stone cleaning, VCT cleaning and refinishing, or any of our other services? Because we CARE! Your money is not only going towards helping us grow and become a better company, but it is also being put towards great organizations around the area!

Visit our website to see some of the other great organizations we are partnered with!