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Do you have an oriental rug or area rug in Park City or the surrounding areas that needs cleaning?

Look no further!

Cleanville Rug Care is the local expert on area & oriental rug washing and have a pickup and delivery service for Park City residents!

Even though our office is located in Salt Lake City, UT… we can still take care of your rug cleaning needs. Our technicians are in Park City at least once a week and we will gladly pick up rugs or other delicate textiles from clients in the Park City area. We can handle oversize rugs with our large box-style trucks and we can also fold rugs instead of rolling them to make them ready for transportation.

Of course, our clients can also drop off their valuable rugs at our office Monday-Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Special appointments can be made for clients that need to drop off rugs before or after those hours. The drop off process is quick and easy! We unload the client’s rug for them and do an initial inspection with them there. A quick information sheet needs to be filled out by the client and they can be on their way!

The types of rugs we can clean include many different fibers, such as: wool, silk, synthetics, vicose, rayon, linen, cotton, jute, sisal, and others. The rug construction types we can can clean include: hand knotted, hand woven, tribal blankets, tapestries, needle points, machine woven, machine tufted, hand tufted, prayer rugs, animal skins, leather, and many others!

Our cleaning methods are proven with many years of experience and are recommended by experts across the world!


About Park City, Utah

Located about 37 minutes east of downtown Salt Lake City, Park City is known for its beautiful scenery and accessibility to recreational activities. Tourists travel to Park City from all around the world to do everything from golfing to skiing to horseback riding. Park City sits at an elevation of 7,000 ft and has an estimated population of 8,526.

Park City was founded in 1869 and was established by Mormon Pioneers. Non-Mormons were drawn to the area in the late 1800s due to the discovery of precious metals such as silver and gold. This resulted in a population boom as more prospectors arrive with the hopes of becoming rich. Eventually, Park City’s population dwindled as mining became less valuable by the 1950s. The citizens of Park City started to revive Park City’s economy by becoming known as a preferred tourist destination.

Utah’s economy receives a yearly average of $529.8 million thanks to Park City being a vacation destination. There are many top attractions in Park City including the 2002 Olympic bobsled/skeleton/luge track at the Utah Olympic park. One of the biggest draws is the Sundance Film Festival which has made Park City its main location for many years. As America’s largest independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival is credited with generating $80 million each year in revenue. 

There is always something fun to do in Park City thanks to retailers, bars, and restaurants available in the area. Park City also has many hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and other amenities for people to enjoy.

Due to its higher elevation, Park City has cool summer nights and crisp snowy winters. The mid-summer temperatures can reach 100F and the winter low temperatures can get as cold as -28F. Park City receives an average of 25.8 snowfall inches in January which is great for winter sports enthusiasts.

Call or stop by Cleanville today and experience The Cleanville Difference!