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Things You Should Know About Your Carpet Cleaner

By May 29, 2016No Comments

Carpet cleaning companies are a dime a dozen, but they’re not all the same. Choosing the wrong company has left many homeowners disappointed, and in need of having the work redone. Make the right call the first time by finding out these three things about a carpet cleaner before you hire them.


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1. Certifications

Most professional carpet cleaners are professionally certified, and it’s worth asking if this is the case for all the cleaners your company of choice employs. Look for certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration- the most well known training school for these types of professionals. If the workers are not properly trained, it may show through in their quality of work. Don’t be afraid to move on if the answer to this question is no.


2. Licensure and/or Insurance

Different states have different licensure requirements for carpet cleaners. Find out what your state requires, and then ask about whether or not the company you are thinking of hiring has the necessary license.


If your state does not require carpet cleaners to hold licenses, insurance can be a great tip off for the legitimacy of a company. Anyone you hire to work in your home should have appropriate insurance to protect themselves as well as their customers.


3. Reviews and Testimonials

The best way to know if any company is good is to talk to someone that has worked with them. Reach out to friends, family or coworkers and ask about who they’ve hired to clean their carpets. Ask for their feelings about how the work was conducted, and if they liked the result.


Barring that, online reviews can give you some idea of a company’s quality and reliability. Most companies will have at least a few negative reviews, but if you stumble across a company that has many, it’s probably a good idea to pass on them.


With these tips, you’re well on your way to hiring a carpet cleaner that will do quality work. Want a few more tips? Check out the next article in this series. When you need a carpet cleaner, turn to Cleanville Carpetcare because our professional carpet cleaners don’t believe in cutting corners, and we’re not done until you’re fully satisfied.

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