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5 Steps to Prevent Water Damage and Mold

By May 25, 2016No Comments

Moisture. It’s the worst nemesis of most flooring types and an annoying (and costly) issue for many homeowners. It doesn’t take that much water for mold to start forming, and mold can be dangerous to your home and your health. Carpets can be particularly vulnerable and carpet mold can remain undetected for quite a while.


So how can you and your family protect yourselves from mold and water related damage? Here are a few tips for dealing with moisture and keeping it out of your carpets.


1. Clean And Dry Water Damage Immediately

When water damage strikes, it’s important to move quickly. Soak up as much of the water as possible with a wet/dry vacuum and absorbent towels. If you don’t have a vacuum that will work, you can often rent them from carpet cleaning companies. Put out fans to dry the affected area as quickly as possible. Large amounts of water damage may require scrubbing with carpet cleaner and bleach to remove mold that may be forming under the carpet.


2. Remove All Furniture from the Room

Mold can form on or under your furniture, so be sure to clear the room of furniture and rugs after a flood. Check the condition of your rugs and furniture. Then clean them thoroughly to combat mold and remove any grime that may have been present in the water. Return furniture to the room only after the carpet has had time to dry.


3. Get a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will help create an arid environment indoors that will allow the carpet to dry more quickly and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.


4. Steam Clean Your Carpet

After excessive water damage has taken place, you’ll want to steam clean your carpets. You can rent a cleaner or hire a professional to do this for you.


5. Replace Carpet Padding

Water damaged carpet padding almost always needs to be replaced, and it’s better to play it safe in this case. Moldy padding can become moldy carpet very easily, and it’s much more expensive to replace your carpet.


Have you experienced flooding in your home? Don’t panic! Call Cleanville Carpetcare as soon as possible. Our professional cleaners will take care of water extraction and carpet cleaning to help you ward off water damage and prevent mold from forming.

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