Stone Polishing Service in Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah County, and Davis County

Who wants to learn about another one of Cleanville's professional services?? Today's topic is the stone restoration and polishing service that Cleanville Carpet, Rug, & Stone Care offers in the Salt Lake valley and surrounding areas. We have been in the stone cleaning, sealing, and restoration business for over 20 years and can handle many of the common issues related to stone maintenance and repairs. We are outfitted to work on travertine, marble, limestone, slate, granite, and many others! The stone restoration services we offer are: Polishing Honing Etching and scratch removal Cleaning Sealing Travertine hole filling For old, scuffed and scratched floors - our polishing services restore the shine and beauty of the stone and will brighten up any interior space! We can do commercial or residential jobs and treat every floor with the utmost care. We prep the areas around the floor by taping off baseboards and wood borders, laying down drop cloths and floor mats, and putting up wet floor signs and caution tape. The polishing process is a wet polish and is dust free, which means your home or business is going to be left with a clean and beautiful floor and no dust to clean up! Call us today for an estimate and with any questions you might have!

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

Tile is a great flooring option for areas in your home that see a lot of wear and tear, owing to it’s durability and water resistant nature. However, the grout between your tiles will start to look grimy fast if you don’t care for and clean it regularly. This is easy to do at home. Here are a few tips on how to keep your grout looking as good as your tile year round. 1. Use Warm Water for Regular Cleaning For everyday dirt and grime, all you’ll need is warm water and a stiff bristled brush. Slowly work out the grime from your grout by spraying warm water and moving the bristled brush in circles. Let the grout dry, and repeat any time your flooring looks like it needs a refresh.   2. For Tougher Stains, Bring in the Vinegar and Baking Soda If water just isn’t cutting it, add vinegar and baking soda to the mix. Start with a paste made from water and baking soda. Spread your paste on the grout and then spray it with vinegar. The whole thing should start to foam- leave this foam for a few minutes to let it work its magic. Once it has stopped foaming, rinse the whole thing with water and say goodbye to your tougher stains and grime!   3. Bring Out the Big Guns for Severe Stains For the dirtiest grout, turn to oxygen bleaches that you can find in the cleaning aisle at your local grocery store. Follow the directions carefully when using this powerful cleaning agent and make sure the room you’re working in is properly ventilated. Leave the solution on the grout for 15 minutes to let it do [...]

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